Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Sister Paisley

My niece Paisley is a BIG SISTER now to miss Magnolia True Caroline. How blissful for our family that we were able to fly to Austin to meet Maggie and play with Paisley. Maggie is beautiful, healthy and has the sweetest "cry" I have ever heard. I could sit on my sister's couch for ever holding this miracle of life. Yet....real life was calling for me to return to California with my family.

My sister is an amazing mommy and does everything with grace. The day she came home from the hospital she was met with a houseful of company. She orchestrated the day with balance and harmony. She set the tone for for her girls and they will thrive because of her choices.

She is my one and only sister (younger,too) and I have so much to learn from her. I am blessed that God has put her in my life. Thank you!

Looking forward to many adventures with Paisley and Magnolia. I know they will be the best of friends like their mommy and aunt. (even though there will be squabbles and such)

I love both my nieces and am so glad they are in our family.

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