Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Library Time

I have always loved the library.....I can remember going with my two best neighbor friends when we were young. My favorite books were from the authors Beatrix Potter and Leo Lionni. I think the small size of the Peter Rabbit books was an attraction for me.

Now I take my kids and we meet our friends there. Our local library is a historical building and the shelves hold many "stories." The children's' section is darling...... with murals painted by Leo Politi. Of course my children have different taste in books than I did....and I honor that as they make their own "library" memories.

What prompted this post was the experience I had yesterday with my daughter's class at school. I work once a week in the school library and read a story to the class. This is a difficult age because they are beyond certain picture books yet we don't have a lot of time to read chapter books. Anyway, they requested a "funny" book. So last week we read Knuffle Bunny and today it was Good Dog, Fergus. They laughed continuously through both of them and clapped at the end. Who knew....maybe they aren't too young for these books. After all....isn't that what most of us want...... a funny, laugh out loud type of book!! I will allow the teacher to be in charge of the serious academic material while I provide the silly 15 minutes of juvenile humor. I am fine with that!!

What are your favorite children's books??

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