My aunt always said to make sure I took photos of my kids doing their everyday routine.....after all....these are the moments that I want to remember.  I decided I wanted to document a  typical day in our homeschool life.  We have more of a rhythm than a rigid schedule.  At least that is what I am perceiving as I reflect upon our days.

6:00     My husband's alarm goes off and we both get up to begin our day.  I feed the dogs and make 
            my coffee with coconut is my favorite.  I sit in my comfy spot to read my 
            devotional and Bible......write in my journal and pray.  I like to take in the quiet of the 
            morning.......I need this time each day to prepare my heart and mind for the journey ahead.  
            I also go over my calendar and make a list if I need to.  I then check in with my husband and 
            we read a section of the Bible together and then say a prayer.  He then is off to work and I 
            make sure our "school room" is ready for the day.  I wrote our schedule on the white board

7:00     I make breakfast for myself.....usually a blueberry smoothie and a piece of Udi toast with 
            cashew butter.  

7:30     Two days a week my son volunteers at his former elementary school in the Kindergarten
            class.  So I wake him up so we can leave at 8:15

8:45   Most days this is when I wake my 14 year old....she is a night owl!  So allowing her to sleep
          later works best for her body and mind. 

9:00    I make the kids breakfast and we talk about our day ahead.  We say a prayer together and then 
           go forward with God leading us.

10:00-12:30    I work with Neal on his core subjects: Math, Geography, Science, Reading and 
                        Bible verses.  He likes non-fiction we take a lot of trips to our local 
                        library to check out books of interest for him.  Right now, we are studying maps and
                        countries.  Our focus has been on North America but last week we moved into
                        studying South America.  (I love learning about places as much as him.....maybe 
                        more:)  We subscribed to Little Passports and we get information about two states
                        once a month.  I highly recommend this program.  The curriculum and products are
                        high quality and have been a positive asset to our homeschooling.

12:30-1:30      We have our lunch together......sometimes leftovers or sandwiches that the kids can
                        put together.  Lately, my daughter has taken more of an initiative in the kitchen and 
                        has been creating her own salads.  :)  

1:30                This is usually the time that we need to move our bodies.  Most days this is when our
                       dogs are taken for a walk or the kids are outside doing something.  

2:30-3:30       I ask for this to be quiet time for all of us.  I catch up with email or blogging.
                      My daughter is usually editing her movies or organizing files on her computer.
                      My son may be on his ipad or doing something creative in his room.

3:30             We just started the ritual of making tea and having a snack together.  I like this time
                     to check in with one another and see how we are doing.  

5:00           I begin our dinner prep and my husband usually comes home.  He is great in the kitchen
                  and often asks how he can help.  Sometimes we will visit while eating our favorite
                  snack or chips and salsa.  I try and meal plan on Sunday for our week.....but that is a
                  completely different post on its own.  

6:00           Our family eats together most nights and this is my favorite time of the day.....when 
                  we are all together.  I often pray that we will linger for a while.....visiting and sharing.
                  However, often the kids want to get back to projects they are working on or have a show
                  they are eager to watch......that is long as we do come together and eat a meal.

7:00         My husband cleans up the kitchen and I often retreat to our bedroom for some quiet time to 
                read, take a bath or pray.....sometimes all three. 

8:00         As the night winds down.....I often find two labs and my kiddos on my bed.  I love
                ending our day this way.....connecting.  I still read to my almost 12 year old son before 
                bed and plan on doing this until he tells me not to :)  Some nights we all watch a show
                together.  However, as open ended as our evening may be.....I  "tuck in " my kids just about     every                        night.  Electronics have to be turned in at 9.  My son usually is ready for lightsthis 
                time but my daughter stays up later than me.  She has more energy in the evening and I 
                want to respect her inner rhythm and not make her go to bed before she is ready.  

We are still adjusting to this new lifestyle and trying out different ways to learn.  I pray for each of my kids to find their hobbies and live their passion.  I have accepted that we are living "differently" than most of our neighbors around us.  This has been a challenge for me....someone who likes to fit in the box.  Ha!  God has plans for us that seem to be out of our comfort zone of how we have lived life in the past.  I am waiting patiently on HIM as he reveals our purpose in all of this change.  However, it is in the daily moments that he requires our obedience and I can absolutely see this.  What may seem mundane to most people.......I am now viewing as quite sacred.  Not that we are special in any way.......I am just discerning HIS voice and accepting that he has a unique plan for all of us.  As I hear him whisper quite is going to be don't have to have it all figured out.  Just listen to me each step of the way.....I can breathe a sigh of relief.   Praise God for this......I do trust him and know he will not forsake us. 

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